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Timber Frame Homes

Timber frame - Your questions answered

  • Can I get a mortgage on a Wolohan Timber Frame Home?
    Mortgage Lenders do not differentiate between Masonry and Timber Frame Homes, and so it should not have any effect on your qualification for a mortgage.

  • Aren’t Timber Frame Homes more susceptible to fire?
    No. Timber Frame Homes meet, and more often exceed fire regulations under current building regulations. The structural materials used in the building have no bearing on the actions of a fire.

  • Does a Timber Frame mean a faster build?
    Timber is the fastest build method known today. This is because once the frame of your home is erected more trades people can gain access and work simultaneously. Also as the method uses far less water than masonry, the building does not take as long to dry out meaning they are ready for decorating much sooner.

  • Will I need to re-apply for planning permission if I decide to change to a Timber Frame?
    Opting for a Timber Frame would have no effect on the visual impact of the building, and therefore have no planning implications. This means you would not need to complete a new planning application. If you would like to discuss this further please contact us.

  • Is the Timber Frame method a thoroughly tried and tested way to build homes?
    Only introduced to Ireland in the mid-1960’s today 20% of new homes being constructed in Ireland are using the Timber Frame method, and this market share is constantly growing. In Scotland over 60% of new homes being built are now using the Timber Frame method and in Scandinavia, North America and Australia practically all 2 million homes being built annually are of Timber Frame construction.

  • Will I encounter problems if I decide to sell my home in the future?
    Estate agents will tell you that in today’s market not only are Timber Frames not an obstacle in selling a home, but are fast becoming a major selling point due to their increased energy efficiency.

  • Can I build an extension onto my Timber Frame Home in the future?
    Because the home is constructed using solid wood and plaster board and not concrete blocks and plaster, extensions and alterations generally have a significantly reduced impact on the home.

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