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Why Timber

The advantages of building with timber frame

In addition to being kind to the environment, Timber framed construction has many advantages. The frames can be erected quickly allowing construction to continue under the timber roof efficiently. Timber frame design is very practical and adaptable, as well as being aesthetically pleasing where exposed.

Strong Structure

Elegant and simple, timber frame houses provide incredibly strong structures that have great flexibility in their design. The strength of the framework is achieved by structuring the frame in such a way that the weight of the building is transferred from all around the frame to the ground as effectively as possible. Due to this strength, large open spaces are often seen as a trademark of timber framed houses.

Our Timber Frame Homes can be Clad in any Material

Being versatile, our homes can also be clad with brick or stone. This allows the house to blend in with, or complement, surrounding houses in rural or urban areas, while having the added benefit of energy efficiency.

  • Fast and effective
    Using a timber frame simplifies the on site construction process without jeopardising its high level of engineering in accuracy and quality. In ideal conditions a timber frame house will be wind and watertight within 4 days allowing immediate access for other tradesmen. There is no drying out period with timber frames so internal decoration can be done immediately without risk of cracking.

  • Reduced Energy Costs
    We are all aware of increasing energy costs and many of us have seen our heating bills increase in recent years. Unlike traditional build the insulation used in timber frame homes ensures that there is no heat loss resulting in savings of up to 50%.

  • Environmentally Friendly
    Timber is the ultimate green construction material and there is an almost unlimited supply. All timber used comes from managed woodlands where every tree harvested is replaced. Timber frame uses at least 20% less energy than other construction materials to bring it to the finished state. Timber frame is the right choice to help reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Peaceful
    The insulation with the external walls of your timber frame home will keep out external noises better than any other style of build on the market. While floor insulations and internal wall insulation inside your home means they are less susceptible to noise pollution and will create a sound-deadening effect, meaning you can relax at home in peace.

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